• CNW Cape Keraudren Camp and Comp
    Sat, 20 Aug
    Shire of East Pilbara
    Amazing location with a chilled, family friendly atmosphere for this overnight camp and comp! More details to come via email to members. Back-up date: Sat 20th Aug 2022
  • Fortescue Camp and Comp
    Sat, 22 Oct
    This is the back up of the 7th-8th may. Pair comp, overnight camper, an absolute no miss date of the year!
  • 2022 Reece plumbing Triple treat
    Sat, 31 Dec
    North Coast Bioregion (Pilbara/Kimberley)
    The 2022 Reece Plumbing Triple Treat comp is open until sunset 31st Dec 2022 and is free for all financial members. Spear the heaviest of either Bluebone, Red Emperor or Spanish Mackerel to win a Milwaukee Prize Pack. Mystery weight prizes also! Thanks to our sponsor Reece Plumbing Port Hedland!