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2020 2nd Triple treat results!

The Highly awaited results for the Triple treat, 2nd half of the 2020 year are here!

Once again, our members have been offered to participate and try to win the $400.00 cash prize. 6 months to shot the biggest Spanish Mackerel, Rankin Cod and Coral Trout.

It is this kind of competition were you need to register early so you wont missed any chances to record your catch. As you have to be registered 24 h prior any entry...

We have some quality fish caught and one club record has fallen during this period.

Results below:

- Spanish Mackerel: $100.00 for Luke Bunton-King, 27.15Kg,(new club record!) Speared the 15/09/20.

- Rankin Cod: $100.00 for Robbie Peck, 2.24Kg, Speared during the Cape K comp. 12/09/20.

- Coral Trout: $100.00 for Wally Galli, 6.3Kg, Speared the 31/08/20.

Well done to all the participants.

For the 2021 season, the triple treat will be running for 12 months to give everyone a chance.

Also the prize money will be up to $150 for a single and $500 for the 3 species.

Mangrove Jack, Blue bone and Spanish Mackerel will be the new species.

The Event is live and the registrations are open!

Good Luck!

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