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AIE Hedland classic comp report 2022.

Last Sunday on the 10th of July, the North West Spearfishing has held the 2022 AIE Port Hedland Classic.

For 3 weeks the wind had blown non-stop! This is Kitesurfer’s weather for sure! They loves those strong easterly winds!

On the other hand the Spearos, like it a little bit less… none the less it has been 3 weeks of quick dives at the end of the day, in an increasing cold water and deteriorating visibility….

With these terrible conditions it forced us to postpone the first original date and also adapt ourselves to the Sunday dive slot to be able to hold this event.

And the wait was worth it, as the conditions were fantastic! If we had to postpone the event again, it would have been hard to find another date to fit in the second half of our spearfishing season.

Lucky for us, 3 days before the event, the wind has started to back off little bit, giving extra time to get the water clear again.

Clear it was, 15m plus visibility was witnessed out wide by some divers. It was a clear blue ocean, helping the divers to spot some nice schools of Spanish mackerels.

It was an exciting time for those brave Spearos who went diving in the 19 degree water! Yes 19 degrees! For those of us living in the Pilbara and diving in boardies all year, we are not used to this!

Everyone went with their own technique to help with the cold water, Some had hot water to fill in the wet suit between dives, other put extra layers of wetsuits on or had a warm tea time for lunch … we didn’t recorded any case of hypothermia, so I guess we are almost ready for the southern seas! Almost…

Now for the comp! as this introduction is way too long…

There were 20 entrants, included 2 juniors, one female, and some divers traveling from Karratha even on the Sunday! What a great turnout!

The 5 am launch time didn’t discourage many as we could already count the first boat of keen divers ready to launch on the dot. Following by 2 more teams before 5:30.

Some light easterlies were still blowing in the morning, and increased to 12-13kts around 11am giving the skippers some small chop to deal with, nothing too dramatic. The wind dropped off in the early afternoon to finish with almost glass off on our way back.

As all boats got tow out, and the competitors gathered to the weigh in location, everyone could enjoyed fresh beers and BBQ offered by the club and generously cooked by Vanaa Tarahu.

There was a lot of good mixed bags caught, the NWSFC competitors are getting more and more regulars on their results and on their targeted species:

1st - Max Rossi Is winning the competition with 7 species and 1012 Points! And got awarded a Cressi Dive Watch valued at $450.00!

2nd – Chris Amiradaki is runner up with his 6 species and 827.4 points. He is winning a $390.00 dome swag!

3rd – Mitch Dyson complete the podium with 5 species and 780.6 point. Winning a 3 ATM float valued at $350.00.

4th – Wally Galli with 5 species too scored 762.8 points and he generously donated his prize back.

5th – Robbie Peck, 6 species but no mackies still scored 709 points and choose from offered prized a $150.00 Dive knife.

6th – Chris Flesser, 3 species included a very nice 18.96kg Mackie scored 518 points. He also donated his prize back to the club.

7th – Joel Taylor, 4 species, 515.4 points won a $200 .00 Aussie reels belt reel with 50m dynemaa.

8th- Jeremy Bigrat, 3 Species, 486 points won a Cressi Dry/travel bag.

  • Biggest cray award went to Chris Amiradaki.

  • The Junior Champ Went to Jackson Day and his 227.8 points, well done. He is winning a pair of composite blades.

  • Luke Wellbeloved and Rebecca Sudholz also got reward in the junior and Ladies section with the magnificent Club hat.

  • The Meritorious fish award ($190.00 Leatherman knife) went to Geoffrey Multinu who brought back his first Spanish mackerel. This is meritorious as he firstly went on a battle with our friends the taxmen to save his dive buddy Mackie, then once the fish was secured, saw the opportunity to score big, took the shot on a monster of a fish. That fish took all his 50m meters line, drag him for meters to finally getting eaten in half by sharks! Geoffrey managed to save what left over and weigh in that generous 14kg half! This story will stay in his memory forever I guess!

  • Hard luck story: First entrant was our devoted Robbie Peck who managed to fit a large section of blue bone spine in his foot! Yes, but how?? As the Blue bones are very slummy, they like to slip and fall during any attempt of weigh in… Robbie, in a clumsy reflex, launch his foot under to give the poor dead fish a comfortable landing to his free fall. Result: many hours in the hospital to sort that foreign body intrusion into the body of our Treasurer! The Second entrant is our Champ Junior Jackson Day who for the first time, attempted to shot a huge Spanish mackerel. Unfortunately for him, as the fish took off, his brand new gun went with… Hard lesson for our young competitor. Obviously the award went to Jackson Day.

  • Luck door prize: Young Luke Wellbeloved snatch this one for his first ever spearfishing competition! $190.00 Leatherman knife.

  • General classification: With 2 competitions done Mitch Dyson strengthen his lead with 38 points! Followed by Robbie Peck 32points and Troy Moore 22 points.

Again, it was a great day, and again we really appreciate all those moments.

We can’t thanks enough our sponsors AIE engineering and consultants who did us a solid for this comp.

As well as, Liquor barons, GT diving and Kennards Hire for the sign.

Committee members for your dedication and supports and obviously all the participants who decided to enter the event!

Next month is our famous Cap Keraudren Camp an comp.

Don’t miss out! Be there!”

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