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Dampier Spearfishing Competition

After postponing the Dampier dive comp twice due to hefty wind conditions the weather gods were finally in our favor! Third time was the charm & the day could not have been better.

We had a total of 8 teams (16 spearos) compete. This included 3 junior spearos who absolutely killed it on the day! Our spearos had a start time of 5am from the Dampier boat ramp & weigh in started at 4.30pm. There were some huge fish shot on the day and one team got the best mixed bag which helped them take out the championship for the day. The winners were as follows:

Photo of the day: Blake Caddy Most Meritorious Fish: Reuben Holman Biggest Cray: Reuben Holman 3rd Junior: Cooper Hinchcliffe Runner up Junior: Finnlay Simpson Champ Junior: Thomas Poole 5th Pair: Thomas Poole Justin Poole 4th Pair: Finnlay Simpson/Cooper Hinchcliffe 3rd Pair: Phil Shiner/Richard Anderson Runner up Pair: Lee Swart & Corey Utting Champion Pair: Blake Caddy & Elias Dungey Runner up Spearo: Lee Swart Champion Spearo: Blake Caddy

Our new club records from the day went to the following:

JUNIOR CLUB RECORDS: Bluebone: 6.68kgs – Thomas Poolee Spanish Flag: - Thomas Poole Chinaman: 10.86kgs – Finnlay Simpson Coral Trout: 4.98kgs – Finnlay Simpson Mangrove Jack: 0.84kgs – Finnlay Simpson

SENIOR CLUB RECORDS: Squid: 1.00kgs – Blake Caddy Spanish Flag: 1.02kgs – Elias Dungey Baramundi Cod: 2.42kgs – Reuben Holman Ornate Cray: 1.64kgs - Reuben Holman

Also a MASSIVE Thank you to the Hampton Harbour Yacht Club who really went out of their way to accommodate our Club! They sectioned off our area & made it a very pleasant place to hold our event!! You guys really went out of your way for us 📷:D

Thank you to all of the committee members( Christopher Amiradaki, Joel Taylor, Maxime Rossi, Debbie Galli, Hollyann Galli, Wally Galli) who volunteered their time & effort in running the club, organising this event & making sure things run smoothly. We are quite proud of how well this Comp went & look forward to hosting the next one!

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