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2020 Cressi Classic

On Saturday 17th October, the 2020 Cressi Classic Comp went ahead despite the wind being up a little, as usual in this time of the year.

Fortunately, the visibility did remain good like most of our competitions this season. However the competitors still need to travel a bit to find clear water and good ground.

As usually, if you put in the effort you got rewarded.

End of the season, school holidays, windy conditions, probably to many reasons that brought only 8 people of which 2 were junior members.

The water temp was 24 °c to remind us that summer is not here yet and there is still plenty of good diving to do in the North West.

The day went by quickly and everyone returned home safe again, a lot of quality fishes got caught, our juniors were outstanding, shooting new club records.

The results are:

Champion Spearo: Ben Earnshaw, 467.4 pts, 1200 Cressi Sub speargun.

Runner-up: Wally Gally, 389.4 pts, Cressi Sub fins.

3rd Spearo: Brendon Hughes, 285.0 pts, Cressi Sub Googles.

4th Spearo: Zam Mokta, 266.6 pts, Cressi Sub Gloves.

5th Spearo: Jeremy Bigrat, 250.8 pts, Tool bag.

Champion Junior: Kai Mitchell: 261.8 pts, Cressi Sub Neoprene Spearfishing Top

Bad luck story: Daniel Hoban who got that cold that he couldn't keep up with his team and barely dive... Good lesson token for the junior: Filleting knife.

A big thank you to Cressi Sub for sponsoring the event and to the Yacht club for accommodating our weigh in and prize giving presentation.

Thanks to the participants and to the committee to taking part of this. Every effort count, small or big!

It was a great season for our young club, the busiest as well, 6 competitions spread from fortescue river to Cape Keraudren ( 500km range) and 2 Triple treats.

We are still refining our system and our competition format, but we are keep learning and we found out what is it working or not.

The new point system as per the AUF is a good improvement,

The choice on having Pair comps and individual comp makes it easier as well and help to reward teams work or individual performance. More participants get rewarded too.

Set up all dates for the season, also help members and committee to get organised.

We are very happy to offer a bit of entertainment in our region and we hope the club is responding to your expectations.


NWSFC Committee:

Joel, Wally, Hollyann, Debbie, Robbie, Mike, Brent, Max.

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