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2023 CNW Balla-Balla comp report.

This Saturday 13th of may was the launch of the NWSFC season.

It started by a long awaited first balla-balla weekend! After a few years of attempts and unfortunate cancellations this event finally could have been held.

Not without adventure the boats have been launched little bit later than expected due to a very muddy boatramp and surrounding.

the time to find our way through the maze of sand banks and we all arrive on the beautiful beagle beach to unload the boats.

From there, everyone went to their own direction, to their own secret spot or went exploring the bottoms to find that special fish!

The day went, the wind rise, a bit more than expected but the viz maintain to divable condition and a lot of fish got shoted.

By 5pm, all boat safely returned to the beach and the camp, it was time to set up camp, prepare the fire, fillet the catch of the day and start relaxing.

A good feed, a few drinks offered by the club and the night fall. The divers all gather around the fire for a pleasant night before going to bed.

Al cool night, an early wake up, a coffee and all teams were ready for the last day of competition.

Early wind forced everyone to change their plans and dive locally. Which it ends up quite good. The variety of the bottom and the quality of the location helped us to catch the expected fishs.

Many varieties got caught and Geoffrey even shot a new club record!

Coming back to the ramp and retrieving the boat went easier than the launch and all teams arrive (almost) on time!

The weight in went well, and we find a lot of diver with very close scores.

More stories got tell, more situations got described. that famous fish tracked down, caught or not… A few more drinks while the committee vote for the last prizes and the results went as follow:

- Hamish and Max Won the competition with 1323.2 points and won both a Pilbara tools and fastener vouchers valued at $300.00 each as well as a large first aid kit. Thanks to St John Ambulances.

- Peter and Andrew finished second with 938 points and won both a Pilbara tools and fastener voucher valued at $200.00 each as well as a medium first aid Kit.

- Peter and Declan Finished third with 836.4 points and won a set of BBQ grill and plate each and a small first aid kit.

- The most meritorious fish went to the club record of the day: Geoffrey with a solid 10.58kg Brassy Trevally! He won a Shafted Tee-shirt!

- The heaviest Cray fish went to Max with his first ornate at 1.4kg.

- The hard luck story prize went to Andrew and his “flappy Flopper” issues! He won the 99 tips for spearfishing book from Noob spearos.

- Last but not least, The Lucky door Prize went to Declan. He won a beautiful vintage esky offered by North west liquor !

It was a great weekend! We enjoyed every moment of it.

We cant say thanks enough to all the sponsors for your support.

The committee members for your dedication and for the time spent setting up the event and of course the participants!

It wouldn’t happened without any of them mentioned above…

The next competition is coming very quick and will be in Hedland the 29/07!

We hope to see you all very soon!

NWSFC Committee.

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