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2021 Fortescue Comp Report

On Sunday 08th of August, The North west spearfishing club has travelled west to organized another exiting day of spearfishing contest.

Unlucky with the weather for almost 2 months, what it was supposed to be a full weekend, 2 days of diving and a social night on some island, have been reduced to a single day. 20kts is definitely out of our "safe boating" range... This is why rather than cancel the competition, we only rule out that very windy Saturday.

Meanwhile, from 5 am on Sunday morning, we could already see a queue of 24 enthusiast divers, signing in and waiting for their turn to launch their boats.

Some of them have travelled the day before and enjoyed a camping night near the river, others, turn their alarm early and traveled the morning.

After a calm first hour of boating, a nice little easterly breeze ( perfect for kitesurfing, some will says) start to blow to refresh our mind and body, the wind have been constant all morning, but remain into the acceptable conditions.

Nice cool Pilbara winter water and average visibility have completed the conditions of the day.

All pairs diving safely trying to complete the best mixed bag of the day,

And we seen the results. As it become a nice habit, the team were pretty tight with small margin to separate them. Apart from the winning pair who absolutely crushed the competition!

Results as follow:

- Champion Pair: Blake Caddy and Eli Dungey, 1574.2 pts

- Runner up Pair: Phil Shinner and Richard Anderson, 1221.4 pts

- 3rd Pair: Wally Galli and Shaun Garlick, 1200.2 pts

- 4th Pair: Rowan Clark and Matt Clark, 949.4 pts

- 5th Pair: Troy Moore and Antoine De Rooster, 909.6 pts

- 6th Pair: Tom Groves and Josh Rogers, 776.8 pts

Well done to all the competitors, the sea was rough and the viz not the best but still managed to get delicious fish, that's all we need! And Lucky, the Fortescue midgies let us alone during the weigh in!

Thanks to our sponsors for this events: Smirkies Sports, Jupps, Kee hire, St John Ambulance, Liquor Barons.

Thanks also to all of you, members and committee, thanks to participate and getting involve, that all what the club wants!

Last word on the overall ranking. With the second best individual score Wally is taking the lead with a nice 5 points margin over his own team mate Shaun. Rowan, with some consistent results over the 2 first competition, complete the podium. (see full ranking on the bottom of this page)

There is still plenty of events to catch up with them 3, Nothing is done yet!

See you in less than 2 weeks for the Oresome air Dampier Classic!

Fully supported by Oresome Air Pty Ltd Karratha / port Hedland.

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