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Cape Keraurdren Spearo Comp

With a lot of planning and preparation the NWSFC held the Cape Keraudren Spearfishing Comp on Saturday the 25th of May. A good turn out of 20 divers participated in the competition, with reasonable weather conditions although the tide as our enemy we were all forced to have an early start at the ramp. The weather gods really turned it on around lunchtime with an absolute glass-off and true to Pilbara conditions a good variety of fish were speared. The weigh in commenced at 4:30pm with a lot of anticipation from all involved. It was very pleasing to see such a great turn out of family and children at the weigh in and prize giving. A few beers and a cook-up were enjoyed by the 40 odd of people attending the weekend event. 2 new records for the club were achieved! Rankin Cod shot by Raimie Ayat weighing in at 3.62kg Painted Cray pulled from the depths by William Vincent weighing in at 1.4kg.

Winners as follows; Champ Pair: Christopher Amiradaki Joel Taylor Runnerup Pair: Raimie Ayat Les Derschow Champ Spearo: Christopher Amiradaki Runnerup Spearo: Joel Taylor Biggest Cray: William Vincent Lucky Door Prize: Gav Edwards Metorious Fish: Jérémy Bigrat Photo of the day: Roamer Crew

We cant wait until next year!

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