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Hedland AUP Classic

Another successful day for the NWSFC.

The Hedland AUP classic went very well, the diving and boating conditions were at their best!

Flat water, awesome visibility, no, this wasn't the pacific sea, this was here in the north west!

Lucky conditions for our members who participate the event, thank you to all of them, and also for those who made the effort to travel to Hedland. Without Members, nothing can be done.

Thanks as well to all committee members and volunteers.

At the end, Big up to Australian Underwater Product to sponsor the event and the Yacht club to let us use those great premises.

This year the top 5 divers were within 14 points, this show how close and good the day was.

Champ Spearo: Scott Childs with 94.92 pts

2nd: Wally Gally with 86.7 pts

3rd: Antoine Schmitt with 85.42 pts

4th: Justin Poole with 83.48 pts

5th: Michael Clitheroe with 81.96 pts

6th: Luke Hockey with 76.36 pts

7th: Joel Taylor with 74.67 pts

8th: Robbie Peck with 55.28 pts

Champion Junior: Thomas Poole.

Biggest Crayfish: Scott Childs.

We hope everyone enjoyed the day, and cant wait for the next event!

See below a few photos of the evening.

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